Pixel Crash 3d

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Pixel Crash 3d Pixel Crash 3d

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5/5 - (1 votes)
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Pixel Crash 3d Game


PIXEL CRASH 3D is designed for those who appreciate the art of driving. Fast driving is no longer just a race. Now they have a lot of opportunities to create art. The game has great graphics and realistic sound. If you have good driving skills, it will be easy for you to win this game. Take all the champion prizes and let your opponents cry in the corner.


Features: 1. Complete the specific task to unlock three cool cars (Beast, Bummer, and Sport GT). 2. There are over thirty skins to unlock by completing a specific task. Each skin has different name. 3. Customize the roof, hood engine, gold rims, power engine, and color of your vehicle. 4. Race, Demolition, and City are three exciting and challenging game modes. 5. Four different camera perspectives.


Arrow keys OR WASD

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