Elon Cars Online Sky Stunt

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Elon Cars Online Sky Stunt Elon Cars Online Sky Stunt

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Elon Cars Online Sky Stunt Game


ELON CARS ONLINE SKY STUNT takes you into an amazing world of experiences. The ideas of the game are drawn from a futuristic reality. The game is set up complex, be prepared to look for unconventional solutions, get out of difficult situations and act skillfully. A room will be set as the game space. The optimal number of players is five people. At the initial stage, the game room is empty. The interface and options of the game are designed for team activity.
You should first choose the room where you and your friends will play. Five people or less can play in the same room. Each player chooses his or her own vehicle. In order to start the active process, each player should have a cash reserve. Its size is equal to 50 coins.
As the game scenario unfolds, the cars will be given tasks. They are not simple. You need to drive along a certain route. There will be many tests along the way. The fastest and most careful player wins. To be the first, someone from the team must pass all the challenges on their car. The winner gets extra coins as a bonus. The slowest and most careless one leaves the game first. Try not to go off the map route. Whoever loses their way is out of the game. Whoever follows the correct route is the winner. Earned money can be spent to improve your car.


You can use the arrow keys of the keyboard for vehicle movement.

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