City Minibus Driver

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City Minibus Driver City Minibus Driver

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City Minibus Driver Game


CITY MINIBUS DRIVER is your chance to experience a new activity. Did you think it was easy to get people from one place to another in a busy city? It’s time to put your experience to the test. It’s up to the player to learn all the secrets of regular drivers. Remember, your minibus can break down on the way or run out of fuel. Some of the passengers may be cranky and complain about your work. Your job is to successfully cope with these challenges.
You will be paid money for getting people to each point. You can spend it to buy the right parts for your iron friend. If you feel your strength, you can participate in a minibus race and snatch the grand prize.


PLAYER 1 Move: “W,A,S,D” or (Arrow Keys, If playing single) Look back: “B” Fix bus’s position: “R” Handbrake: “SPACE” Horn: “1,2,3” Camere: “C” PLAYER 2 Move: “ARROW KEYS” Look back: “B” Fix bus’s position: “O” Handbrake: “RIGHT-SHIFT”

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